Bedford and Forsyth Education Centres


BFEC invites high school learners, 16 years and older, including adults of any age, to a student centred high school model leading to completion of  NS high school credits.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are on-going opportunities to register throughout the year. There are multiple starting points and you can commit to one course or several. All demonstrations of learning must be completed in class.

Expression of Interest: 

If you are interested in attending BFEC for the 2024-25 school year complete the following expression of interest:

                                     EXPRESSION OF INTEREST

Registration will take place in end of May/June and in August. 

Please remember that in order to register at BFEC you may need copies of the following items:

- Birth certificate or passport 
- Health card
- Transcript from last school attended 

If you are under 19 years of age you must register with a parent or legal guardian.

If you are 21 or over you must share your SIN number to register.

If you are an Adult Learner looking to upgrade, two credits will be funded by Nova Scotia School for Adult Learning, you must share your SIN number to register. The fee for subsequent courses is $295.00 per credit.